The Biden administration is briefing lawmakers on the classified version of the National Defense Strategy, four people familiar with the effort told Foreign Policy, in a bid to provide additional justification for the increased $773 billion defense allocation in the White House budget request, released Monday.

Pentagon officials have already admitted that they will need to do some strategy overhauls amid Russia’s ongoing invasion. Speaking before Congress this month, Mara Karlin, the Pentagon’s top strategy official who is overseeing the defense document, said the United States would need to dust off the military’s posture review that was already approved by U.S. President Joe Biden in November 2021.

“If they did not it would not have any serious credibility,” Arnold Punaro, a retired three-star general and former staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee who now works as a defense industry consultant, told Foreign Policy in an email. “It’s a very dangerous and unstable world and the [National Defense Strategy] needs to address more than the most compelling issue of the day, which is support for Ukraine.”


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